A Story of Hope


Caden is a young father who recently underwent surgery and the recuperation took longer than expected, which caused him to miss over a week of work. Normally he is able to provide for his wife and young son with the over time he gets from work each week. Being out of work and not having the paycheck they count on, put the family in a tight place when rent came due this month. Caden called Good Neighbors to see if we could help. During the coaching session Caden came to realize that even though he had a good job if his family had another emergency they would not be able to weather it. He decided to take advantage of the free budget coaching that was offered and take steps towards a more stability for this family.

Dedree was recently the victim of a financial scam. She had lost a great deal of money and now found herself having to file for bankruptcy and struggling to make ends meet. When she felt she was almost at breaking point, she called Good Neighbors for assistance with her rent. We were able to help Dedree pay her rent through the use of our GRACE fund and offered her other community resources to help stabilize her. Dedree was very appreciative for the help GN provided and plans to get more involved in the community as a way to give back for the support she received as she navigates the steps needed to get back on her feet.

Patrick and Diana are the parent of 4 school age children and they recently took in 2 foster children. Diana is a stay at home mom as they have a child with special needs and one of the foster children is being homeschooled. Patrick has a good job that pay the bills easily most of the time. The family lives in an old farm house that requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. During a recent storm a tree feel onto the house and caused structural damage to the house and roof. While no one was hurt, this did cause Patrick and Diana more than a moment or two of worry. To repair the damage to the roof and replace three broken windows they had to use their savings, so when they received a particularly high utility bill this month things felt overwhelming. Diana heard about Good Neighbors through a friend from her church. She called and we were able to help the family pay the utility bill. During the coaching Diana agreed to meet with the budget coach. She felt that since the family had grown this would be a good idea for them to maintain stability and build their savings again.