Spirit of Good Neighbors

The 11th Annual Spirit of Good Neighbors Awards will be held at the St. Andrew’s Episcoal Church. Join us on November 30th, 2023 at 6 p.m. for Honors and Hors’doeuvers to recognize people in our community who are doing good work in service of our Blount County neighbors. This event is meant to bring us together to highlight the people in our community and learn about the good work being done for Blount County.


Everyday Community Neighbor

Someone who takes care of those around them through consistent tasks, and fills a gap to ensure their Neighbor has basic needs met. They serve those in need through activities like taking care of a lawn, running errands, cooking food, etc. We all know this type of Neighbor: the one who, with no expectation of appreciation, knows that we are each called to serve our Neighbors. Whether it be through their church, a non-profit, or their own motivation, this individual seeks out and makes a meaningful impact in our community in a variety of ways.


Professional Neighbor

Someone who works in an organization (church, non-profit, school, business, utility, or government) who tirelessly is advocating for those who need help. They find ways to provide for those in need; and when there isn’t an established path, this nominee has created a way to assist.


Focused Neighbor

Someone who is on a dedicated mission to reduce or eliminate a specific gap (hunger, homelessness, housing, etc.). They have spent time, heart, and money bringing others along to help enable a better Blount County. While their mission may not seem solvable in the near-term, you wouldn’t know it because of their passion.


Your Good Neighbor

Our 2022 Recipients!

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