A Story of Hope


Warren is a retired engineer living in our community on a fixed income. He has some health problems as well as difficulty getting around to take care of his basic needs. Without access to public transportation Warren has to walk or can use his scooter where there is a sidewalk. Unfortunately, there is not a sidewalk or grocery store near enough so he is forced to walk the distance most weeks. This takes a toll on his mobility and his doctor prescribed some OTC gel heel insoles that were too expensive for him to get on his own. Warren knew about Good Neighbors when we had assisted him to move into an apartment a few years prior. When he called and explained his situation to the coach, we were able to help him with the gel heel insoles that he needed to help him get around town a little easier as he walks to the store. We partnered with a local pharmacy and were able to get the insoles delivered to his apartment. Warren was very grateful and called us back the day after he received his delivery to say thank you for just being there to help and support him a time of need.

Marina is a single mother of three teenage boys that are all active in sports at school. She has a full-time job as a caregiver. They own their home and are very active in the community with church and volunteering at a local food pantry. One day Marina‚Äôs eldest came home from school to find a pipe had burst in their home and the house was flooded. He was able to locate the water main and turn it off, but not before a lot of damage was done from the water. Marina is normally able to cover all their expenses and sometimes gets help from family; however, this unexpected repair cost left her overwhelmed financially. When her utility bill came due this month, it was higher due to the water from the pipe rupture. She had already received some help from her family for the repairs to the house and through her church she heard about Good Neighbors. Marina called and came in for an appointment. During the interview the coach was able to help Marina find some community resources that would help her ease the financial burdened. She also signed up for budget coaching as she works toward gaining stability once more and building savings for the future.