A Story of Hope

Breann and Tony

Breann and Tony are just starting their life together and expecting a baby in 2 months.
They have lived in Blount County their entire lives and wanted to stay close to family as they
raised their child. They were renting in a trailer community that was sold recently and the new
management raised the rent over what they could afford. They had the option of either paying
the higher rent by adding $250.00 to their bill or finding a new place to live. Tony and Breann
work full-time in manufacturing, but Breann is soon to go on maternity leave. When both of
them are working, they can pay all the bills, but even with both incomes, it has been a challenge
to save money.
Through a friend, they found an apartment for rent that just fits their budget and gives
them room for their family to grow. It sounded perfect until they realized that they would need
to pay the first month’s rent as well as a deposit to move in. On top of this, they were going to
need a deposit to turn on utilities. When they looked to see what they had in saving they just
couldn’t pay all of that money. The situation seemed bleak and they were resigned to having to
pay a higher rent.
Fortunately, through a family member, they were told about Good Neighbors and that
we could help with deposits. Breann went online to complete an application and made an
appointment to come in to speak with a coach. She was very nervous and hoping that we would
be able to help her. When she came to the appointment and met with a coach she shared her
hopes to be able to move into this new place and raise her baby with her husband. Again,
fortunately, the property owner knew Good Neighbors as we had assisted another tenant of
theirs. The coach was able to advocate on her behalf and they agreed that Breann and Tony
could pay the deposit in payments adding only $100.00 each month.
This news had Breann brightening up with the idea that they could move in before the
baby arrived. Good Neighbors was able to help them with the utility deposit and the first
payment of their rent deposit to get them started. Breann left the office with a big smile feeling
a weight lifted off her shoulders and with a new beginning on the horizon!