A Story of Hope


We all have read and heard the stories of how rent has been going up and up again over the past few years. This has affected several families we serve here at Good Neighbors as more and more have turned to us for rent assistance. This is how we met Ginny when she was facing a difficult period in her life due to multiple increases in her rent over the past 3 years. While she has a good job, Ginny ends up working overtime most weeks to make sure she can cover her bills and have enough to take care of her young son with special needs. Thankfully, she has family support for her son during the day so that she can go to work. 

Last month Ginny found herself in a tight spot when she had a major car repair that ate up over half of her rent money. Being a single mom, even with family support for child care, meant that the full financial responsibility was on her shoulders alone. This gave her cause for worry more than once each month as she had not been able to build savings with her rent increasing by $600.00 over the past 3 years. Once twice in the same year! Even though her rent is now $1,450.00 a month she and her son are happy in this home and most importantly she feels safe there to care for her son.

Through a friend who suggested she call GNBC, Ginny came in to meet with a coach and discuss her options as to what she could do to make rent. Unfortunately, she had already received a notice of eviction if she did not pay her rent within the following 10 days. She brought in the letter and the coach was able to contact the property management and advocate on her behalf. During the coaching, GNBC shared several community resources with Ginny that would help her adjust to the rent increase. She also learned about our Budget Course which would help her plan out a budget geared toward building savings. GNBC was able to help Ginny find a solution to her rent bill and helped with a partial payment in time to prevent an eviction.

Ginny works very hard to provide for her son and create a good and safe home for him. She felt that with help she could be better at getting ahead and building for their future. GNBC was happy to be an additional support for her as she journeys the path to self-sufficiency!