A Story of Hope


Nicholas is a senior in our community living on a fixed income after retirement. When his utility bill arrived this month, he saw that is was higher than usual due to a cold winter. He had heard from a friend about Good Neighbors and called in asking if we could help. We were able to help him pay the electric bill and also provide other resources available to him in the area for food assistance. Nicholas was most grateful for the help and is looking forward to involving himself more in the community organizations that provide meals and fellowship.

Brianna was recently injured on the job. While waiting for her workers compensation to begin, her monthly utility bills arrived. She found herself unable to cover all her bills this month and put food on the table for her two small children. She called Good Neighbors and we were able pay her electric bill as well as offer her other resources for food assistance. We worked with the Family Resource Center through the school system and were able to partially pay for another utility bill. Brianna is most grateful for this help and is now able to focus on healing after her injury to be able to return to work safely.

Stacy has been home on disability for a few months due to illness. She is receiving treatment and is now facing the fact that she may not be able to return to work as she had originally thought. She reached out to Good Neighbors to ask for help and applied for Long Term Disability. While she waited for her disability to start, she needed help to cover her rent this month. Through our GRACE fund we were able to help Stacy pay her rent and connect her with our Budget Coach to help her navigate her finances on a fixed income. She has started the coaching and has found it to be of tremendous help!